“He is a good healer and honest” … written by myojin

“To the point and fun. ” … written by hilton0704

“ThunderWolf gave an excellent reading. It wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but was an answer to what I wanted to know. He didn’t hold back and I appreciate the honesty and the way he gave me news of the cards. His genuine caring and compassion comes through in his readings and I am very grateful and will definitely be seeking advice from this psychic again. ” … written by mandi40

I was very impressed with Thunderwolf’s reading. He was very honest, sincere, and accurate. I really enjoyed the reading, and will contact him again. Thanks. A very nice person.” … written by Isabelledawes

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“Clear communicator. I was comfortable with his style and his words and his attitude. I felt he was respectful of me. These things are important to me- and from these perspectives he is wonderful.” … written by secret_gardens88

“This was a really great reading! very informative. and straight to the point. Enjoyed. Will come back.. Thunder wolf is very nice too!!” … written by Tammy

“You were right on with what most of them had to say” … written by yuri124343

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