Since you’re already here you probably have some questions the cards can answer, or you’re just curious what a reading would be like. The best way to get the most out of your reading is by asking the right kind of question.

First off I should warn you that what comes through the cards I will pass on to you. If there’s an issue in your life that you may not be ready to face head on it may be best to avoid asking about that. I don’t sugar coat what comes though, so if you’re not ready for the answer, don’t ask the question.

Also, I’m an ethical reader which means I do not do readings about 3rd parties. To do so is an invasion of their privacy. If you wish to find out what somebody else is likely to do or not do you will need the services of a less ethical reader.

I do not do strictly “Yes or No” readings. If you have such a question I will generally look to see the outcome in both situations so that you can choose the preferred outcome yourself. So if you are asking for a “Yes or No Reading”, please be advised that you are getting much more information than a simple yes or no answer.

And a final word about asking questions…

The more specific your question is the more specific the answer will be. I am fine with doing “General Readings” which focus upon the prevailing energies at work in your life. But if you have a specific question it is best to ask with as much specificity as you can. It is also possible, however, to get a general reading for a specific area of your life. If you would like to focus upon love, money or career, for example, but you don’t have specific questions about the area in question a general reading can be done focusing specifically on that particular area as well.