Review of the St. Jinx Arcana

A few days ago I received a beautiful, new deck called St. Jinx Arcana: The Gay Tarot. The cards have a beautiful gloss without being slippery, and they aren’t overly stiff or too thin either.

The artwork is phenomenal! First of all, it’s just plain attractive! Secondly, it sticks close to the RIder-Waite-Smith (RWS) deck. And thirdly, despite it’s close adherence to the RWS it adds subtle differences that can either alter or add to the traditional symbolism of the RWS.

The close adherence to the RWS lends itself well to being read by the novice and more advanced reader alike. The subtleties included in the artwork that perhaps stray from the RWS gives it more depth of meaning as well as alternate ones to the more adept reader.

Although I bought this to add to my collection and to enjoy rather than to read with I could easily see myself reading with it. However, the artwork probably is a bit too suggestive for those more conservative sitters who wouldn’t appreciate the deck, so it’s probably best to know your crowd or your particular client or to just reserve them for reading for yourself.

If you’d like to buy a copy for yourself, you can do so here.


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Weight Loss Self-Hypnosis?

I was searching youtube for binaural beats about the same time I was searching youtube for weight loss tips. That combination of searches led to a recommendation for a self-hypnosis video for weight loss which incorporates binaural beats.

I honestly don’t know how well the weight loss tips or the self-hypnosis will work for weight loss, but I certainly am impressed with how well the induction part of the self-hypnosis works! And that gives me hope for the weight loss part as well.

I’m doing a few things reputed to burn fat (without the need for exercise), but I’m being pretty stagnant when it comes to motivating myself to get on my stationary bike. However, I have high hopes for the effectiveness of this video! It’s a 30 day challenge which means one should use it for 30 days consecutively to see maximum results from it. I’ve already missed 2 or 3 days after starting it on December 2nd, but I plan to keep doing it, possibly beyond the 30 days.

When I find myself feeling stressed out or anxious I know that I can benefit from the video with the stress relief it brings even if the weight loss aspect ends up being a dud! I can’t help but believe that as powerful as the induction is that the rest will turn out to be anything but a great help though!

So wish me luck with my weight loss, and if you’d like to give it a try yourself, here it is!


What the World Needs Now

I was just watching the one and only Ms. Diana Ross promoting her new fragrance and CD on HSN. For the holidays portion of her CD (on a separate disk) she featured her solo version of What the World Needs Now. She felt it was very appropriate for the holidays.

My own thoughts went to the divisive political climate and terrorism and just the seeming general unhappiness in the world today. I think if we can all remember her song and treat each other with those sentiments in mind that we can all create a world that isn’t so angry. Even if not everybody would participate (and, honestly, it’s foolish to think they would) we can brighten our own world by extending love to those around us and getting it back in return.