New Wave Tarot by Amanda Lee Stillwell

Reprinted from an old blog. Unfortunately, this deck is now OOP.

I’m basking in afterglow! I just got my copy of New Wave Tarot, and I must admit that as a child of the 80’s, and in particular one who was quite fond of new wave music, I’m just blown away by this deck!
The deck is a who’s who of 1980’s new wave music (as would be expected) but also manages to maintain a loose symbolism based upon a standard Rider Waite Smith deck in an unmistakable new wave style! While some of the minor arcana are more Marseilles style, the vast majority of them are RWS (Rider Waite Smith). And even where it deviates from the “standard” RWS that many of us are used to there is so much new wave symbolism that we can read other meanings into the cards without actually following a strict RWS protocol.
The backs feature a black lace pattern, and there is a darkish new wave aesthetic to the deck that reminds us where wearing black came from. This deck just makes me want to go to youtube and jam out on new wave all night long! And were I to choose to read with it, I could easily do that too!
If you’d like to purchase this deck, you can do so here. And as my own personal nod to new wave and the 1980’s, I’ll leave you with this picture of myself, taken in 1986.