The Tarot Illuminati Standard Deck

Reprinted from my previous blog.

As you may or may not know, Erik Dunne’s wonderful Tarot Illuminati deck is only available in the US as a kit. The standard sized deck, however, has been released in Europe and is available through the maker’s website, at
I was impatient and just couldn’t wait for the US release, so I bought a couple copies of the standard deck and had them delivered from Italy. They arrived a couple days ago, and I couldn’t be happier!
The standard deck does come with a black border on the cards, and absent is the gorgeous gilding on the edges found in the kit version. The artwork doesn’t suffer a bit from this, though, and is as beautiful as ever! There are a couple major pluses to this deck as well in my opinion: The deck is a bit smaller, and the cardstock is not as stiff as that in the kit version.
The standard deck is just that: a standard Lo Scarabeo deck. It is the regular Lo Scarabeo deck size and cardstock. Also, the tuck box, although beautiful in it’s own right, is just an average tuck box. It does not parallel the remarkable kit box with the magnetic closure.
For my money I have to say that the kit is more of a collectible deck than the standard one which is much more practical for everyday use. With all the bells and whistles of the incomparable kit deck I truly feel that once the standard deck is released worldwide it will become a show piece rather than something regular readers wish to use daily and that the standard deck will take it’s place as the deck chosen for everyday use.